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It is a town located in the Iron Mountains (Zelezne hory) protected area close to the Udoli Doubavy (the Doubrava valley) natural reservation. In the local chateau, built by the count Kinsky in Baoque style between years 1701 and 1702, many aristocratic families have changed here. Beside the Dobrzensky chateau with an English park there are others monuments like the church of St. Jakub, the chapel of Povyseni sv. Krize, and the chapel of St. Anna. Chotebor is a native place of several persons of consequence: the writer Ignat Herrmann, the journalist Karel Ninger, the Silesian revivalist Frantisek Slama, the painter Zdenek Rykra. The famous writer Jaroslav Hasek has lived in Chotebor some time in the Pansky house on the square. He wrote here the short story ôThe quisling in Choteborö.

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